Choir Student Council

Choir students are voted in by their peers at the end of each year to take on roles of the Choir Council for the following year. Choir Council members for the 2017–2018 school year are:

President: Mat Cornett

Vice President: John Yang / Ben Reed / Jorden Moss

Secretary: Chloe Hallberg / Laurel O’Brien

Sergeant at Arms: Adam Carsner / Zach Alloway

Publicity: Jade Martinez / Camille Baptista / Maggie Carlson

Librarians: Taytum Prater / Macy Love / Madison Rees

Stage Managers: Andrew Diedrich / Connor Henkel / Josh Barcroft

Robes: Raene Dorotiss / Hannah Ren

Historians: Jaren Kerr / Tess Wix

Liasons: Nathan Rednour / Annie Strobel