Grading Policy

Your grade in Choir for the six week grading period will be based on the following:

Performance  Attendance  100 points

and Class Participation 150 points

250-235 points = A

234-215 points = B

214-187 points = C

186-168 points = D

167- 0    points = F

The semester grade will be a compilation of the six week grades.


One of the reasons we work hard in class is to perfect our choral music and share it with the public in concerts, festivals, competitions, and community events. As a responsible member of the group you are needed at EVERY performance. Performance dates are given in advance and absences are only excused in cases of medical emergency and extreme conflict.

Not having transportation, working, event tickets, or trips/vacations are NOT excuses since plenty of advance notice of dates has been given. All choirs will partcipate together in a Fall, Winter, Festival and [Year End] Final Concert. The dates for these concerts along with various other performances, activities and events will be on the calendar handed out at the beginning of the year.

In the event that a date must be changed or added because of an opportunity unknown at the beginning of the year or an unknown conflict causes a change of date, as much notice as possible will be given. These changes will be kept to a minimum.

An unexcused absence for a performance or activity will be counted as 0 points in that category for the six weeks that corresponds with the event. If there are multiple events during a six week period, the total amount of points needed for a grade will be increased by 100 points [each].

Class Participation

Each class period during a six week grading period will be worth 10 points for participation. Tardies, talking, gum, food, not having your music, use of cell phones and other electronic devices and general unfocused behavior will result in points being deducted for the day.

Unexcused Absences

Unexcused absences will result in 30 points taken away per absence. Excused absences can be made up if Mrs. Kirstein feels it is necessary and possible. Please check in with Mrs. Kirstein after an absence or before an absence planned in advance. Please avoid making doctor/dentist appointments during choir. This is a participation class and it is extremely difficult to make up the class/rehearsal.